Graham Potter has revealed he has received emails “that want me to die and want my kids to die” following Chelsea’s dismal run of form.

The 47-year-old was booed off the pitch last weekend after a 1-0 defeat to Southampton and go into a crucial London derby match with Tottenham having collected just two wins from 14 matches.

Internally, it is understood that the manager still has the full backing of the club’s owners.

However, a defeat against rivals Tottenham on Sunday would once again leave him vulnerable to anger in the stadium and online from his own supporters.

Speaking ahead of his side’s Premier League clash on Sunday afternoon, Potter revealed the messages directed at him and his three children.

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He said: “The world is tough for everybody. We’re going through an energy crisis, a cost of living crisis. People are striking every other week. Things are difficult so nobody wants to hear about the poor old Premier League manager.

“Nevertheless if you ask me a question about ‘is it hard? is it tough? is it nice to hear,?’, as much as I’ve had support, I’ve had some not particularly nice emails come through that want me to die and want my kids to die. So that’s obviously not pleasant to receive.

“That’s football. That’s how it is. And the challenge for me is ‘Ok, how do I conduct myself?’ That’s what I always turn round to. The higher you go, the more pressure you have on how you are as pre-season.

“My message is that you have got to take the situation for what it is, take the criticism, take the position that we are in, which is that it should be better.

“Try to have a perspective but at the same time acknowledge the criticism and bad feeling. That’s how it should be.”

The Blues are supporting their manager in any way he needs but will leave him to decide whether to involve the authorities or take further action.

Potter accepts that a certain amount of abuse is part of the job but it is one that he doesn’t enjoy and has been a challenge for him and his family to overcome.

Chelsea to stick with Potter despite poor results

By Katherine Lucas and Michael Hincks

Chelsea will not sack Graham Potter just yet and his situation is unchanged despite Saturday’s home defeat to Southampton, i understands.

The Blues have won just nine of his 26 games in charge and only one of those victories has come since the turn of the year. There were reasons for optimism when Potter enjoyed a fast start after replacing Thomas Tuchel, but since mid-October Chelsea have picked up 12 points from a possible 45 in the Premier League.

The lack of an obvious alternative strengthens Potter’s position, but it is accepted that Roman Abramovich would have – and indeed did – axed his head coaches for less. Todd Boehly is keen to break that trend, not least because he has been at the helm less than a year and is still keen to create an impression of stability.

i understands Chelsea particularly admire the Arsenal project, which gave Mikel Arteta time to turn their form around – and ultimately transformed them into title contenders.

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“It’s a challenge and if you go to work and somebody is swearing abuse at you it’s not going to be pleasant,” he continued. “If you’re referred to as the worst person in the history of the club.

“You can say ‘oh I don’t care’ but you know I’m lying because everyone does care what people think because we are hard-wired to be socially connected.

“So there is an element of that and I want to succeed here so it’s nonsense this notion that I don’t care so it’s ‘ok where does that come from?’ Where is your evidence on that?’

“Ask my family. Because people have a perception that you don’t care and my response is what is that based on? How do you know?

“And I would ask you to ask my family how life has been for me and for them. It has not been pleasant at all.

“I understand that supporters go home and they are really annoyed because their team is not winning. But I assure you my life for the past three or four months has been daily average apart from the fact that I am really grateful for this experience that I can get this but also say what a great challenge this is.”

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