The Consultant

Friday 24 February, Prime Video

Christoph Waltz in The Consultant. (Photo: Amazon via AP)
Christoph Waltz in The Consultant (Photo: Amazon via AP)

Academy Award-winner Christoph Waltz stars in this dark workplace dramedy, which follows him as a maniacal new consultant who wreaks havoc with the lives of employees at a gaming company. Created by Tony Basgallop, who wrote Apple TV’s 2019 thriller Servant, The Consultant is based on Bentley Little’s novel of the same name, with all eight episodes available to binge straight away.

Beyond Paradise

Friday 24 February, 8pm, BBC One

Kris Marshall as Humphrey Goodman and Sally Bretton as Martha Lloyd. (Photo: BBC)
Kris Marshall as Humphrey Goodman and Sally Bretton as Martha Lloyd (Photo: BBC)

As the 12th season of Death in Paradise draws to a close, fans need not feel bereft: spin-off Beyond Paradise will begin on Friday, the same day the original ends, swapping the Caribbean for the Devon coast. Kris Marshall and Sally Bretton will return to the detective drama as DI Humphrey Goodman and Martha Lloyd. The engaged couple are navigating their new lives in the countryside while Humphrey looks into a string of local crimes.

The Reluctant Traveller with Eugene Levy

Friday 24 February, Apple TV

Eugene Levy in The Reluctant Traveller. (Photo: Apple TV)
Eugene Levy in The Reluctant Traveller (Photo: Apple TV)

The writer and star of Schitt’s Creek and American Pie tries his hand at a documentary, as he takes his charisma to some of the world’s most beautiful and interesting destinations. Levy, who confesses he is not usually a particularly adventurous person, explores the cultures of Costa Rica, Finland, Italy, Japan, Maldives, Portugal, South Africa and the United States and broadens his horizons.


Sunday 26 February, 8pm, ITV1

Photo: ITV
Shaun Evans returns as Morse in Endeavour (Photo: ITV)

After a long wait, ITV confirmed that season 9 of Endeavour – the hit Inspector Morse prequel – would return on 26 February. We watch a young Morse, growing up in Oxford, morph from an enthusiastic young detective to the lonely character with which he’s now associated. Shaun Evans returns as Morse with Roger Allan as his senior, Fred Thursday – though it looks like season 9 will involve a fracture in their relationship.


Monday 27 February, ITV and ITVX

Sinead Keenan as DCI Jessica James and Sanjeev Bhaskar as DI Sunny Khan. (Photo: ITV)
Sinead Keenan as DCI Jessica James and Sanjeev Bhaskar as DI Sunny Khan (Photo: Mainstreet/ITV)

After Nicola Walker’s character Cassie Stuart died at the end of season 4, season 5 of this detective drama will return with a new lead. Bafta-nominated Sinead Keenan will play new DCI Jessica James, who will navigate family challenges alongside her new job at the top of the cold case investigations team. Starting with the discovery of human remains at a newly renovated property in Hammersmith, this new version of Unforgotten will still be mysteries galore.

The Mormons Are Coming

Tuesday 28 February, 9pm, BBC2

Sister Cooper from Hertfordshire and Elder Cook from Utah. (Photo: BBC)
Sister Cooper from Hertfordshire and Elder Cook from Utah (Photo: BBC)

Every year, 53,000 people set out as missionaries for the Church of the Latter Day Saints. With most of them aged 18-25, they are the largest missionary force of any church worldwide. This film follows three of these Mormon missionaries as they arrive at the training centre in Lancashire – the first time the Mormon Church has allowed film crew access. Pressure on the missionaries mounts: will all of them make it?


Wednesday 1 March, Sky Atlantic

Photo: Sky Studios/Cos Aelenei
Matthias Schoenarts in Django (Photo: Cos Aelenei/Sky Studios)

A take on a classic spaghetti western, Django follows a jaded cowboy looking for his long-lost daughter. He stumbles on a town at the bottom of a crater called New Babylon, a place of outcasts where all are equal, and discovers that his daughter is there, engaged to be married to the town’s founder. She wants him to leave, but Django – played by The Danish Girl’s Matthias Schoenarts – won’t give up. Two new episodes will drop weekly.

Saving Lives in Leeds

Wednesday 1 March, 9pm, BBC Two

Saving Lives In Leeds. (Photo: BBC)
Saving Lives In Leeds is a medical documentary (Photo: BBC)

Over eight episodes, this medical documentary will follow the day-to-day undertakings of a group of doctors at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The series will feature in-depth interviews and footage of life-changing operations as the doctors wade through the waiting lists and give the patients the best treatment they can, making ethical decisions under sub-optimal circumstances.

Stephen Fry: Willem and Frieda Defying the Nazis

Thursday 2 March, 9pm, Channel 4

Stephen Fry in Rijksmuseum. (Photo: Atticus Film/Channel 4)
Stephen Fry in Rijksmuseum (Photo: Atticus Film/Channel 4)

Stephen Fry has been walking with dinosaurs in Dinosaur with Stephen Fry on Channel 5. Now he delves into more recent history. He looks into the lives of painter Willem Arondeus and cellist Frieda Belinfante, a gay couple living in the Netherlands during the Second World War. When the Nazis occupied their country, the couple began to forge identity papers for Jews, saving lives with immense personal risk. Fry travels to Amsterdam to trace their story.


Thursday 2 March, Netflix

Photo: Netflix
Season 2 sees all episodes drop at once (Photo: Netflix)

This relationship drama returns to Netflix for season 2, promising more hot-under-the-collar scenes between Billie (Sarah Shahi) and her ex-partner Brad (Adam Demos). Season 1 was so explicit it created quite the stir – but it also revealed deep truths about the complexity of relationships. All episodes will drop at once: get ready to binge.

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