The UK has launched a new raft of sanctions against Russia on the anniversary of the war in Ukraine, targeting Putin’s inner circle and placing trade bans on every item used by Kremlin forces.

Putin’s close personal friends, top energy and defence executives and Russian bankers were among those hit in the latest round of sanctions over the Kremlin’s bloody war in Ukraine.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) said it had placed export bans on “every item Russia has been found using on the battlefield to date”, including aircraft parts and radio equipment.

The move is designed to continue to hamper Russian military efforts in Ukraine, which have suffered from shortages of components and outdated equipment. Russian forces have reportedly been forced to use washing machines and household appliances to make missiles.

Executives at the state-owned nuclear power company, Rosatom, which has reportedly been supporting the manufacture of frontline weapons, were among those sanctioned, as well as 34 executives linked to the country’s two largest defence firms, Rostec and Almaz-Antey Corporation, and six bodies involved in manufacturing military equipment for Moscow’s forces.

Lyubov Kabaeva, the mother of Putin’s reported girlfriend Alina Kabaeva, has also been hit with sanctions. The family are reported to own a vast property network in Russia, and younger Ms Kabaeva has already been sanctioned.

Putin’s former chief security guard, Alexei Dyumin, and close friend Mattias Warnig, are also on the list.

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Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said the measures were designed to hit “the elites who run Putin’s key industries” and to “prohibit the export to Russia of every item Russia has been found using on the battlefield.”

But the sanctions also expanded beyond Russian borders, hitting five Iranian executives at Qods Aviation Industry which has manufactured drones used in Ukraine.

The FCDO said that the move “demonstrates our commitment to continue to pressure third countries supplying Russia’s military.”

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