Ukraine has released stamps featuring artwork based on the Banksy mural portraying a boy defeating an adult man at judo, as it marks the first anniversary of President Putin’s invasion.

The artwork features the British artist’s mural on a barely-standing wall in Borodianka, at town north-east of the capital Kyiv, which was bombed at the beginning of the war.

The Russian president Vladimir Putin is known to be a black belt in judo. The caption“FCK PTN” in Cyrillic has been added to bottom left corner the new stamp.

Residents of the capital rushed out to buy the new stamps on Friday from Kyiv’s central post office.

Svetlana, a 50-year-old economist, tol Reuters said she wanted a stamp because she “support[s] the Ukrainian armed forces” and “the stamp is printed at a historic moment”.

Maxime, 26, rushed out to buy the first-day issue stamps, said she was happy to to see a “first stamp from one of Banksy’s works”.

“It’s a very cool gesture for the world to understand Ukraine, that we remain in the spotlight,” she told Reuters.

Banksy has created artworks on buildings and in several sites in Ukrainian towns, particularly those that have been among the worst affected by the war.

Borodianka was seized by Russian troops in the first few days of the invasion.

Following the recapture of the town by the Ukrainian military last spring, Ukrainian officials accused the Russians of committing mass war crimes there

Friday marked the one year anniversary of the war, which is continuing to rage on.

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