Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned he will find it “very difficult” to vote for Rishi Sunak’s new Brexit agreement on Northern Ireland, as he made a bombshell intervention on the deal.

The ex-PM claiming the deal still leave Northern Ireland subject to EU law as he signalled he is ready to join a Commons rebellion against Mr Sunak.

He said he has “mixed feelings” about the agreement but that he hopes the DUP can “reconcile” themselves to this outcome and get back into Stormont

“Although there are easements this is really a version of the solution that was being offered last year to Liz Truss when she was foreign secretary,” he said.

“This is the EU graciously unbending to allow us to do what we want in our own country, not by our laws, but by theirs.”

Mr Johnson went on to say he would “find it very difficult to vote for” the deal because he felt the UK “should have done something different no matter how much plaster came off the ceiling in Brussels”.

“I hope that it will work. And I also hope that if it doesn’t work, we will have the guts to deploy [the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill] again. Because I’ve no doubt at all that that was what brought the EU to negotiate seriously.

“And in the meantime, I will continue to campaign for what I thought of and what I think of as Brexit and the logic of Brexit because this is nothing if it is not a Brexit government. And Brexit is nothing if we in this country don’t do things differently.”

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