Pick of the day: Murder in the Pacific

9pm, BBC Two

An absorbing three-part documentary telling the story of the fatal 1985 sinking of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior, as she lay at harbour in Auckland, New Zealand. A converted North Sea trawler (“built like a tank… you couldn’t find a better boat to send out a bunch of crazy hippies into the ocean”, according to a former skipper), the Rainbow Warrior was on its way to the South Pacific to protest at France’s testing of nuclear weapons. And it was French security services that bombed the boat. With input from ex-crew members, including Bunny McDiarmid, the detective who led the murder inquiry and former defence minister Lord Heseltine.

The Apprentice

9pm, BBC One

As so often, the tasks seem designed to set up failure – the more comically so, the better. This week, the candidates are asked to design a men’s skincare product, before pitching it to industry buyers. For one team, wrangling over a recipe leads to a disastrous skin-staining goo, while a lack of creativity on the other side results in an unoriginal concept. Later, in the boardroom, Lord Sugar is tempted to go beyond his usual single sacking.

Next Level Chef

9pm, ITV1

Anybody still following this over-cooked culinary contest? If so, you’ll know that it’s now the final reckoning, as the original dozen chefs have been whittled down to three. As in MasterChef, it comes down to cooking one three-course meal. The winner takes home £100,000, plus mentorship from Gordon Ramsay, Paul Ainsworth and Nyesha Arrington.

More from Television

Stephen Fry: Willem and Frieda – Defying The Nazis

9pm, Channel 4

Fry visits Amsterdam to learn how, during the occupation of the Netherlands in the Second World War, painter Willem Arondeus and cellist Frieda Belinfante used their artistic skills to forge identity cards that saved thousands of Jews from the death camps. The Nazis exploited the fact that Holland had the most sophisticated identity card system in the world. Each card they issued had a duplicate stored in the Amsterdam Central Records Office to prevent forgery. Arondeus led a daring raid to destroy the duplicate cards. Fry discovers why this story has remained largely hidden to this day.


10pm, Channel 5

Anyone who has either suffered from or tried to help those who have the deadly eating disorder and mental health condition will know how tough to treat (and even understand) it can be. Through observational filming, candid interviews and intimate, self-filmed diaries, cameras reveal the ongoing story of three young women caught in the grip of anorexia, and the families fighting to save their lives. Among those featured is 19-year-old Lottie, who has suffered with anorexia for more than five years.

On Assignment

10.45pm, ITV1

Peter Smith reports from Turkey near the epicentre of the earthquake that has cost tens of thousands of lives, and Rageh Omaar travels to South Africa to uncover the truth about the country’s devastating energy crisis. Elsewhere, Rebecca Barry is in New York, another US state that has made recreational use of cannabis legal in recent months, as it prepares to hand out its first licences to sell the drug.

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