We need dynamic leadership to propel the UK from austerity to prosperity

March 5, 2023 9:55 pm(Updated 9:56 pm)

Divided parties rarely win elections, so Jeremy Hunt and Rishi Sunak will groan at the thought of a new clash with two Tory ex-PMs.

The Chancellor and Prime Minister are on a collision course with Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, as we report. Mr Sunak’s two predecessors in 10 Downing Street say that he doesn’t have a convincing growth plan for the British economy. They are right.

However neither did they – beyond some excitable gesticulation towards magic money trees (Mr Johnson) and an extravagant circus act that ended up tanking the markets and hiking up interest rates for millions (Ms Truss… but let us not go into all of that again).

Sir Keir Starmer, meanwhile, has had too little to say on the subject of how Labour would grow our economy if he wins power.

So we are a country in search of dynamic leadership to propel us from austerity to prosperity. Either Sunak or Starmer could do it – but they haven’t told us how. Neither has yet offered an especially compelling vision for how they will govern Britain.

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That is not going to wash with voters for much longer, given the deep gouges into people’s quality of living.

Mr Sunak is banking on the British public being willing to eat gruel for perhaps another 12 months before he and the Treasury promise tax cuts ahead of a general election. Risky.

A modest Budget next week would start to make his political life quite uncomfortable.

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