Married at First Sight Australia returns to our screens tonight so dust off your best hat and get your hankies at the ready.

This latest romantic offering will be the tenth series of the popular show.

Here is what we know.

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What is the format of Married at First Sight Australia?

Ten new brides and ten new grooms will meet for the first time at the altar on their wedding day.

But fear not, the “marriages” depicted on the show are not legally binding as contestants actually engage in an unofficial commitment ceremony.

Each couple has been handpicked by relationship experts John Aiken and Mel Schilling, and clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla.

The blurb for the show adds: “Throughout the series, we will follow the couples as they experience the extreme highs and lows of marital life with a partner they barely know.

“The couples will be hit with many challenges along the way – from living under the same roof to never-before-seen challenges that could potentially rock the foundation of their relationships.

“But the trusted experts are there to guide and support them, in the hopes that their relationship will survive outside of the experiment.”

Purple background showing the profiles of all the brides and grooms in Married At First Sight Australia Season 10 with the text saying "who will marry who"

Originally tweeted by E4 (@E4Tweets) on March 5, 2023.

The singletons are:

Alyssa, 35,

From: NSW

Occupation: Executive assistant

Growing up in Utah, Alyssa was raised as a Mormon, and family is a huge part of her life. None more so than her two-year-old son she prioritises over all else – including finding love.


Age: 28

From: Western Australia

Occupation: Online beauty educator

Outspoken and confident, Bronte is used to getting attention from men, but she is constantly finding herself in “situationships” with men who break her heart.


Age: 27

From: Queensland

Occupation: Make-up artist

Caitlin says she is a hopeless romantic. She admits to falling very hard, very fast, but always for the worst men.


Age: 31

From: Victoria

Occupation: Kindergarten assistant

Unapologetically loud, direct, vivacious and energetic, Claire was raised in a Greek household.


Age: 28

From: Western Australia

Occupation: Beauty influencer

Direct, self-assured and driven, Janelle grew up in a very strict Singaporean Chinese family with high expectations. For Janelle her family must love and approve of her partner.


Age: 27

From: Western Australia

Occupation: Accountant

Living with cystic fibrosis, Lyndall never thought she’d make it to the age of 30, let alone get married and have children so she didn’t prioritise any long-term plans. Thanks to new medicine that has dramatically extended her life expectancy and given her the lung capacity of someone without CF, Lyndall has a renewed outlook on finding love.


Age: 32

From: Queensland

Occupation: CEO, fashion & beauty

Melinda is a confident businesswoman. But while Melinda has no problems attracting men, the right kind of men always seem to elude her.


Age: 41

From: NSW

Occupation: Hairdresser

Melissa believes this is her final shot at looking for real love. While she has no problems meeting men, it’s a long-term relationship she truly craves.


Age: 36

From: Victoria

Occupation: Dental Hygienist

In her mid-thirties, Sandy has never been in a serious relationship and has had very little experience with men.


Age: 27

From: New South Wales

Occupation: PR manager

Fast-talking, passionate and bubbly, Tahnee gets attention from men, but they’re still not asking her out and she’s left wondering what she’s doing wrong.


Age: 35

From: Queensland

Occupation: Business owner

Cocky and confident, Adam is a modern-day entrepreneur but he’s had enough of dating apps and wants to find something more meaningful with someone who is ready to settle down.


Age: 27

From: Darwin

Occupation: Carpenter

Cameron grew up on a farm in Queensland before moving to Darwin to work as a carpenter. Down-to-earth, cheeky and laidback, Cameron has never had a girlfriend.


Age: 42

From: Gold Coast

Occupation: Digital marketing business owner
Career-driven, charming and successful, semi-retired businessman Dan has been married twice and has a 16-year-old daughter. He is looking for someone who cares about their fitness, is motivated, and who can match his lifestyle, dreams and ambitions.


Age: 36

From: Sydney

Occupation: Cybersecurity sales

A chivalrous gentleman who has no trouble meeting women, Duncan finds himself falling quickly into a relationship,
only to realise months later that they aren’t compatible.


Age: 32

Occupation: Builder

With a dry sense of humour, Harrison who is a single dad of a three-year-old, doesn’t take himself too seriously, although he’s serious about finding love.


Age: 30

From: Perth

Occupation: Marriage celebrant

Formerly in a heavy metal band, Jesse is a marriage celebrant in Perth who officiates in the style of a rock star.

Jesse is extremely fussy when it comes to choosing partners. But he is willing to take the plunge in the experiment in the hope that love can flourish.


Age: 40

Occupation: Advertising Client Director

The single father of two loves Disney – so much so that he named his kids after his favourite characters. Simply put, he’s looking for his plus-one.


Age: 35


Occupation: CEO biotech

An entrepreneur since he was 19, Layton has built a string of successful businesses, including his latest project in medicinal cannabis for pets. He is looking for a woman who shares his work ethic, his sense of determination, and drive.


Age: 26

Occupation: Voiceover artist

Confident, charismatic and mature beyond his years, Ollie literally has the gift of the gab. He’s had one serious relationship and knows what it’s like to fall in love – he just hopes that next time it’s with ‘The One’.


Age: 30

Occupation: Personal trainer

He might appear like your average carefree bachelor but deep down Shannon, who is father to a three-year-old daughter, is a sensitive soul who wants to be loved. He is ready to settle down again with someone who accepts him just as he is.

When can I watch Married at First Sight Australia?

It starts tonight starts Monday 6 March at 7.30pm on E4 & All 4, running Monday to Thursday evenings.

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