Spencer Matthews’ documentary, Finding Michael, was originally set for release on Friday 3 March but has been mysteriously delayed by Disney+.

Fans had been waiting to watch the deeply personal film in which Spencer returns to Mount Everest to try and find the body of his brother Michael who went missing after reaching the summit.

Here is what we know about Finding Michael.

What is Finding Michael about?

Spencer, who came to prominence through the reality TV show Made In Chelsea, has made the documentary about his older brother, Michael.

On 13 May 1999 aged 22, Michael became the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest, but just three hours after reaching the summit he is believed to have become separated from his team in a storm and disappeared.

His body was never found.

In Finding Michael, Spencer along with adventurer Bear Grylls and mountaineer Nims Purja, the world “14 peak” record holder, return to Mount Everest to search its “Death Zone” to try and recover Michael’s body.

Spencer, who was 10 years old when his brother perished, has said of the documentary: “Thanks to all of the incredible people that have worked so hard on this project over the last two years.

“This journey has been so helpful to me for many reasons…I hope that you connect with the film in some way and that my brother Michael earns a place in your hearts. He has always been a real inspiration to me.”

Why has the release of Finding Michael been delayed?

According to some reports, there were images in the documentary, including those of dead bodies, that prompted a last-minute edit thus causing the delay.

A source told The Mirror that “… it was decided with hours to go that footage of bodies might be deemed insensitive.”

They added: “’Everest is often too dangerous to recover those who died in the death zone, and the film reflects that. The fact this was only raised with hours to go before the release – and public screenings – is astonishing.”

“So the premiere date was just dropped. Meanwhile, Spencer is doing interviews in which he has to fudge the date. He was absolutely furious and there have been some very heated conversations this week.”

What has Spencer said about the delay?

Spencer, whose brother, James is married to Pippa Middleton the sister of the Princess of Wales, told his followers on social media: “Apologies to everyone trying to view Finding Michael on Disney+. The debut date has shifted and we’ll update you as soon as we have the timings.”

He continued: “This will be in the near future. Thank you all for your support.”

When is the new release date for the documentary?

Disney has said it will be in the “near future”.

On 4 March on Twitter Disney+ wrote: “We’re sorry that the debut date for Finding Michael has shifted on Disney+.

“We will let you know as soon as we have new timings for its launch. This will be in the near future. Thanks for your patience.”

Disney+ has been approached for comment.

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