Snow has been falling across the UK, with the Met Office issuing an amber warning for central and northern England.

While the focus for the heaviest and most impactful snow looks to be focused over the Pennines, a broader yellow warning for snow covers north Wales, northern and central England, Northern Ireland and southern Scotland.

Disruption is possible across large parts of the country on Thursday and Friday, including school closures. Met Office chief meteorologist Matthew Lehnert said: “Snow will have settled quite widely in central parts of the UK as we move into Thursday morning leaving tricky conditions for the morning travel period. It will be another very cold night, especially under clear skies in Scotland where temperatures could get down to -15°C again tonight.

“An amber warning for snow has been issued for the high ground running north in the centre of northern England as snow redevelops through the course of Thursday and persist until early Friday. Here we could see up to 40cm of snow accompanied by strong winds causing blizzard conditions.”

Why do schools close when it snows?

It is up to schools and local authorities to decide whether they should close on snowy days, based on their individual circumstances.

The Government’s Education Hub says: “This is the best approach as it allows them to take local issues into account.  Usually schools will have tried and tested policies in place to help them in adverse conditions.

“Decisions will be made locally based on common sense and there are a large range of things that schools will consider – including but not limited to staffing levels (if transport issues prevent teachers from getting to work, for example), safety conditions around the school, temperatures in school buildings and more.”

How do I check if my school has closed?

Schools will have their own approaches to contacting parents, in many circumstances they have their own apps or messaging services.

Schools will try to give parents as much notice as possible but sometimes decisions will be made quite late as circumstances change.

If you have not heard anything from your school it is likely it is remaining open, but you can call to check.

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What is the latest weather forecast?

Here is the latest UK forecast from the Met Office:


Cold, cloudy, windy and unsettled for many today. Spells of rain will affect southern UK. Further north, spells of snow will affect parts of Wales, the Midlands, northern England, Northern Ireland and southern Scotland. Northern Scotland brighter with snow showers.

Thursday night

Further snow across parts of Wales, the Midlands, northern England, Northern Ireland and southern Scotland, heaviest snow northern England. Rain at times in the far south. Windy.


Early rain and snow across England and Wales clearing southwards, sunshine following with snow showers in the east. Sunny spells Scotland and Northern Ireland, but a snow showers too. Cold.

Saturday to Monday

After a cold start to Saturday, turning milder but unsettled for most with rain and strong winds. Remaining colder in the far north, with some further snowfall.

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