The former 6 Music presenter Liz Kershaw said that she would have been sacked by the BBC for tweeting anything about a political party in the manner Gary Lineker has done.

“Every time I tweeted my opinion, I got a sinister phone call from management,” she said. “I would have been sacked, but Gary Lineker seems to be in a different category.”

The Match of the Day presenter is under fire for criticising the government’s immigration policy earlier in the week, and comparing the language used to announce the government’s migration polity with Germany in the 1930s, when the Nazis were seizing power.

Linker said yesterday he did not regret it. When asked by reporters outside his London home if he stood by what he said in his tweet, he answered: “Course.”

When asked if he feared suspension by the broadcaster, he replied: “No.”

Kershaw, who worked for the BBC, latterly presenting a Saturday afternoon show on Radio 6 until last year, was critical of Lineker’s tweets. She said: “He is not a news presenter, and as a British subject, he’s entitled to free speech, as long as he keeps away from slagging off the Tories or supporting Labour. He is being given different treatment from anyone else. I can understand that BBC staff who work in news will be thinking, ‘well this just isn’t fair.’

“If you want to comment on something, fill your boots. But Gary Lineker is blatantly advocating for the Labour party and you shouldn’t do that if you’re on the BBC.”

She adds: “You’re not there to raise support for one side or the other. My view is: if you go in and talk about football you should still be able to have a political opinion, but don’t rabble rouse for one political party.”

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