Netflix has commissioned a new film for the Luther TV series, which will be available to stream on 10 March.

The movie sequel to the BBC series kicks off with the maverick detective, played by Idris Elba, behind bars after crossing a line in his pursuit of justice

But what has led to him ending up in prison, and what happened in season five? Here’s everything you need to know before watching the movie.

What happened in season five?

An adrenaline-packed season ended with heart surgeon Jeremy Lake, the serial killer from that series, being arrested for his crimes alongside his wife, psychiatrist Vivien Lake.

Luther and DS Halliday found Lake in a house filled with his victims’ bodies, and Luther handcuffed him to radiator, before leaving the property.

Luther’s enemy and psychotic love Alice Morgan, who is played by Ruth Wilson, appeared and killed Halliday out of jealousy in the finale, framing Luther for her murder.

Alice then shoots Luther, admits that she loves him, but before she can fatally shoot him, he pushes her off some scaffolding. Though he tries to save her, she slices his hand and falls to her death. Luther is then arrested by Detective Superintendent Martin Schenk.

Why is Luther in prison?

It is speculated this arrest is what leads him to be imprisoned in the movie, which takes place a few years after the events of the series.

However, in the final season, Luther is embroiled in a feud with criminal George Cornelius, who employed a hitman, Mr Palmer, to kill Luther after Luther repeatedly foils his criminal plans.

Mr Palmer holds Alice and Benny Silver, Luther’s friend and colleague, as bait in a hostage situation. Benny is shot after he tries to describe the hitman’s appearance to Luther to help him track down and save him and Alice.

Although Luther finds the hitman and holds a gun to him, he does not shoot him. However, George shows Schenk a photo of Luther pointing a gun at the dead hitman, and suggests that it was Luther who killed both Mr Palmer and Benny.

By the time Luther is arrested, he is seemingly suspected of murdering four people – Halliday, Alice Morgan, Benny Silver, and the Mr Palmer.

What can we expect from the film?

Luther: The Fallen Sun airs on Netflix on Friday 10 March and sees Luther embark on another twisted case as he investigates serial killer David Robey, played by Andy Serkis. The gruesome serial killer is terrorizing London while Luther is held behind bars.

The film brings back some favourite characters from the series, including DSU Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowley) and introduces Cynthia Erivo as DCI Odette Raine.

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