From Aesop’s Fables onwards, foxes have been portrayed as wily tricksters who rarely warm to anything – let alone humans.

So for Carlos Romero it came as something of a surprise when a fox cub approached him while he took photographs.

Three years later, the pair enjoy an unlikely friendship that has seen Mr Romero sharing sandwiches with the fox and naming him Roco.

The relationship started while Mr Romero started photographing wildlife in the Doñana national park in southern Spain.

“I speak to him when I see him. We share a sandwich at times when he comes up to me. I always take a sandwich with me,” said the photographer. “You must respect his diet, and I am conscious of that. I have never touched him.”

The creature approached the photographer three years ago, when it was still a cub, and now regularly visits him while he works (Photo: Supplied)

Mr Romero is a journalist who spends his weekends photographing wolves and other protected wildlife in Doñana.

“It all started when he came up to me when he was a cub about three years ago. He keeps coming up to me and I talk to him,” he said.

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In a country in which foxes are hunted in some parts, along with wild boar and deer, their relationship is unusual, prompting media interest.

Videos of Mr Romero talking to Roco have been shown on Spanish television.

When he is not spending time with Roco, Mr Romero invites people to join him photographing wolves who live in packs in the vast national park.

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