The team behind popular new show The Traitors has recruited presenter Greg James for a new Channel 4 competition series called Rise and Fall.

Sixteen Britons will be split into two groups – the Rulers, who hold all the power and live in a luxury penthouse, and the Grafters, who must bend to the Rulers’ every whim while enduring basic conditions in a grimy basement.

The series will follow the contestants as they battle to win the prize of £100,000 by rising to the top, making friends and manipulating foes along the way.

Greg James said: “I’ve been waiting a long time for a show like this to come along that I can get stuck into and be the ringleader of. It’s an amazingly mad idea and the contestants are going to make some incredible TV.

“It’s very exciting to launch something brand new on Channel 4 and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Let the power struggle begin…”

When does Rise and Fall start on Channel 4?

Episode one of the new series will air on Sunday 19 March at 10pm on Channel 4. It will be available to stream live or watch at a later date on All 4.

It will air on weeknights from Sunday to Thursday for an hour, starting at 10pm.

Rise and Fall cast

Ali, 45, Essex –

Ali owns a number of successful businesses and is well known in Essex for his restaurants which have become celebrity hot spots. He describes himself as a “great leader” saying: “I can make people do what I want them to do.”

Cheryl, 40, Liverpool

Cheryl was previously a support worker but is now studying as a mature student. When talking of her qualities, she said: “I don’t like seeing anyone struggling so I know I’m going to be very compassionate about those scenarios.”

Connor, 27, Kent

Connor started volunteering in the care sector at 16. He now works with the elderly and people with disabilities and describes his mum as the best leader he knows.

Edmund, 27, Devon

Edmund comes from an old aristocratic family but says that he leads an ordinary life as an account manager. He believes that he can find common ground with anyone.

Jack, 28, Hertfordshire

Jack is a construction worker and plays semi-professional football. He wants to use the prize money take his mum on a luxury holiday and seems determined to win, saying: “I’m not here to come second or make friends.”

James, 26, Newport, South Wales

James is an employment coach but is also runs fitness classes on the side. He believes himself to be very honest, explaining: ” I’m trustworthy, I’m extremely down to earth.”

Jeff, 69, London

Jeff grew up in the East End of London and began working at Sotheby’s in the 70s before setting up his art dealership. He is best known for his role as an expert in Channel 4’s Four Rooms and today runs eight businesses.

Joanna, 50, Suffolk

Joanna is an interior designer who spent much time growing up at her grandparents’ stately home. She believes that Margaret Thatcher is the perfect example of a leader, saying: “she was a very strong woman with balls of steel.”

Marina, 18, London

Marina lives at home with her parents after recently dropping out of university to follow her dream of being an actor. When asked to describe a good leader, she simply said: “It’s hard to choose a public figure because I feel like I’ve never been led by a public figure.”

Matt, 32, The Midlands

Matt is a nurse dedicated his career to helping the most vulnerable of society. However, after 10 years on the frontline, he is growing increasingly fed up with social policy. He also describes his mum as a great role model, saying: “She’s a great role model. She’s empathetic, compassionate, kind, honest.”

Prince, 39, Hertfordshire

Prince was born and raised in Sierra Leone and describes his childhood as challenging but necessary for success. He believed that he will be able to win the competition because he is “very, very disciplined.”

Rachel, 27, London

Rachel is an influencer who specialises in fashion and beauty content creation. She could be a contender for the winner, describing herself as “very observant and […] social, but […]also very competitive.”

Ramona, 34, London

Ramona moved from Munich to London as a child and credits the challenge of learning a new language as sparking her desire to work hard in life. She is now CEO of multiple hospitality and tech businesses. She says, “I’ve worked with so many people from different cultures and backgrounds and I can lead people using the knowledge and experience I’ve gained [to win the contest].”

Rishika, 26, Birmingham

Compared to many of the contestants, Rishika grew up without much money, which made her understand the value of finances and the need to earn nice things. she now runs a charity helping people who live in shoe poverty.

Sophie, 21, Essex

A member of the Young Conservatives, Sophie is outspoken about her political views and is regular commentator in the media.

When asked of her leadership style, she said: “You have to be strong, I don’t give into this consensus nonsense, we want conviction.”

Sydney, 24, West Lothian, Scotland

Single mum Sydney works as a delivery driver whilst also studying for a law degree with a view to working in the human rights sector. She believes that Marilyn Monroe was an exemplary leader because “she’s iconic and had the world in a chokehold during her time.”

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