The UK is set to be lashed by wet and windy conditions for the rest of the month after spring got under way with an Arctic blast of freezing and snowy weather.

Although temperatures will become milder, it is also forecast to get wetter and windier – conditions the Met Office is forecasting through to the end of March.

The weekend will start frost-free for most of the UK, Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said, adding that it will be “classic spring weather.”

On Saturday some areas will have “relatively mild” conditions, with some rain fall expected to hit Western and the far north Scotland through until lunchtime.

While most of England and Wales can expect sunny spells, Mr McGivern said scattered showers could be “fairly lively where they do occur”, particularly in the Midlands and northern England where there could be hail and thunder.

He said winds are expected to pick up by late Saturday before easing throughout Sunday, when rain comes back to Northern Ireland, western Scotland and possibly into west Wales.

Daytime temperatures across most of the UK are expected to be between 11°C and 15°C, with the exception of northern Scotland where it will be slightly cooler at around 8°C. Nighttime temperatures will be between 7°C and 9°C.

Also, for the first time in more than a week, there are currently no severe weather warnings in place across the UK for the next seven days.

Here is the latest UK forecast from the Met Office:

Friday day

Most areas seeing sunny spells today but also some showers, heavy at times with the odd rumble of thunder. Northern Scotland and parts of eastern and southern England cloudier with some more persistent rain for a time. Milder than Thursday.

Friday night

Variable, and at times, large amounts of cloud tonight and also some showers, mainly in the South and West. Fog patches also developing, mainly away from the southeast. Mild.


Another changeable day with sunny spells and showers, heavy at times. Parts of Northern Ireland and northern and western Scotland cloudier with some more persistent rain. Quite mild again.

Sunday to Tuesday

A fine day for most Sunday once early rain or snow clears Shetland. Monday and Tuesday cloudy with rain, mainly across Western hills and often windy. Temperatures mild for most.

Will things then get warmer?

The Met Office is forecasting temperatures are “likely to slowly trend below average” for at least the next month, which is the result of “somewhat more settled conditions”.

However, if there is anymore wintry weather it will “probably” become increasingly short-lived through the same period.

Through to the end of March, “cyclonic” conditions are expected to dominate with “continued unsettled” weather and heavy rain at times. Normal to mild temperatures are generally expected but “brief widely cold spells are probable,” the Met Office said.

The East is due to stay drier than the west, before wetter conditions become confined to the south heading into April.

In terms of wind, there is a low risk of coastal gales over the next two weeks.

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