Warmer temperatures are finally on the horizon for the UK, as last week’s cold snap recedes, but with more rain on the way don’t put the brolly away anytime soon.

Temperatures are likely to climb higher in the coming days, set to reach 15°C this week despite predicted rain and showers across the country, the Met Office has said.

Heavy rain and strong winds for swathes of the UK on Tuesday and Wednesday are on the cards, as the country experiences more precipitation from the current cold weather system.

Here’s what you need to know about this week, and whether April showers will materialise.

What will it be like this week?

Today, a few showers will wet the coasts of east Scotland and east England, but elsewhere it will be dry with sunny spells.

Tomorrow, expect a cloudy day with rain extending across the UK by midday, with brighter afternoons in some western parts and colder temperatures in the east.

Rain is expected to move east and north on Tuesday and Wednesday, and with rainy spells experienced widely by Thursday.

A Met Office meteorologist said conditions will turn milder on Tuesday, albeit as part of what will be a wet and windy week for many.

“The cool pool of air sat over the UK at the moment will move away to the east to be replaced by milder air, with embedded rain for many,” they said.

“The week ahead will see frequent incursions of rain from the west, gradually moving north and east. Some of these will be heavy in nature, but the rain is generally quite fast moving.

“There will be some associated windy conditions, with a chance of some gales in southern areas on Friday, although there’s some uncertainty about how this system may approach the UK.”

They suggested more settled conditions could develop over the UK in the first half of April but interludes of rain are still possible, especially in the south.

What will April be like?

According to the Met Office’s long range forecast, between Friday 31 March and Sunday 9 April, the UK can expect dry weather at first in parts of the north and east on Friday, but heavy rain and blustery winds will move in from the west.

The heaviest rain and strongest winds are most likely to affect the south and the west, but spells of wet weather will be interspersed with brighter conditions too.

By the second week of April, the north could see a let up to the rain but with overnight frost, while the south will get soggier.

From Monday 10 April to Monday 24 April most areas are likely to see some spells of dry weather, with potentially frost and some fog overnight, in the north.

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