The Met Police was thrown into the spotlight this week, after an official investigation found the force was institutionally racist, sexist and homophobic.

Commissioned after the rape and murder of Sarah Everard by Met officer Wayne Couzens, Baroness Casey’s incendiary report revealed the police force was riddled with issues, suggesting other criminals could still be serving in its ranks.

The review calls for a complete reform of the service. Baroness Casey said: “There must be fundamental change. This must not be another report that the Met forgets. It has to do a better job for Londoners.”

What is New Scotland Yard?

New Scotland Yard is the Metropolitan Police’s headquarters. The force is responsible for policing in London’s 32 boroughs.

The Met’s HQ has moved several times – from the City of Westminster, at 4 Whitehall Place, Westminster in 1829; to the Norman Shaw Buildings nearby in 1890; to 8-10 Broadway, off Victoria Street, in 1967; and to Victoria Embankment on the Thames, where it currently resides.

Why is it called Scotland Yard?

The name came from the former public entrance of the Whitehall Place headquarters. Whitehall Place originally had an exit called Great Scotland Yard, named because it was previously a palace that housed the Scottish royal family when they visited London.

The Met became synonymous with the name, to the extend that when they moved from Whitehall Place in 1890, the new HQ wsa called New Scotland Yard.

How many police officers does the Met have?

According to the Met, the force is the largest in the UK. It comprises 32,920 police officers, 9,791 police staff, 1,229 police community support officers and 1,801 special officers. It uses 25 per cent of the entire policing budget of England and Wales.

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