New series Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal starts on BBC Two tonight.

In the season, seven celebrities with differing faiths and beliefs will meet in northern Portugal to tackle a modern-day Catholic pilgrimage.

The route is a well-known journey, often known as the northern way, and their final destination is the famous sanctuary in the city of Fatima.

Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal line-up

Travelling across land, the seven celebrities will form close friendships despite their different backgrounds.

The line-up includes:

  • Actor Su Pollard, who was raised in the Church of England
  • Jewish actress Rita Simons
  • Pentecostal born-again Christian Shane Lynch from Boyzone fame
  • Reality TV star and influencer Vicky Pattison, who is agnostic
  • Bobby Seagull, a practising Catholic and TV personality
  • Nabil Abdulrashid, a comedian and practising Muslim
  • Paralympian skier Millie Knight, who is non-practising Church of England

For some of them, they are hoping it will be a chance to ask themselves some big questions. Pollard says: “I’m not deeply religious but I do like to think that God is my friend and when you’re on a journey like this, without your usual comforting things around you, you’ve got more time to talk to yourself and ask yourself certain questions.”

Whereas others have joined the journey just to enjoy the experience, with Simons saying: “I was just happy to be there, in the beauty of the landscape, with beautiful people and I enjoyed watching them get their moments of enlightenment.”

Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal

Living as pilgrims, the seven celebrities begin their adventure in the border town of Valenca.

Over 14 days the celebrity pilgrims follow the 364-kilometre path as it winds its way down the south of the country, through beautiful countryside, passing places of historical and cultural interest.

They end in the journey in the city of Fatima, one of the biggest Catholic pilgrimage destinations in the world. 

When Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal is on TV

The new series starts on BBC Two at 9pm on Friday 7 April and will be available to watch on iPlayer once the first episode has been aired.

The season is made up of three episodes, aired once a week for an hour every Friday evening.

All episodes will be available to binge online on iPlayer from Friday 7 April.

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