Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikhail Podolyak has dismissed a leak of documents alleged to be classified US intelligence reports on Ukrainian military plans as a Russian “psychological influence” operation ahead of Kyiv’s anticipated spring counter-offensive.

The White House said it would “review” how the documents were leaked without commenting on their authenticity. Pages from the documents are circulating widely among pro-Russian communities on social media.

The leaked material contains sensitive details such as the training schedules of Ukrainian combat brigades, wish lists for equipment, and consumption rates for ammunition, including for the Himars rocket launcher systems.

The New York Times, which first revealed the leak, described it as a “significant breach of American intelligence”.

Pentagon correspondents said that US officials had confirmed the documents were authentic. Biden administration officials were said to be working on having them deleted – without success.

But military analysts suggested that they may have been doctored by Russian sources, with several of the details contained in the papers drawing scrutiny.

The most eye-catching detail is a claim that while Russian combat deaths were between 16,000-17,500 on 1 March, Ukrainian losses were more than four times higher at 71,000. Western governments have frequently stated that Russian losses have been far higher.

Mr Podolyak, a regular spokesman for Kyiv, described the leak as a “bluff”.

“Russia is looking for any way to seize the information initiative, to try to influence Ukraine’s counter-offensive scenario plans,” he wrote on Telegram. “To cast doubts, compromise previous ideas, and scare with their ‘knowledge’”.

“As for the actual plans for the counter-offensive, of course, the Russian troops will be the first to see them. I would assume that this will happen very soon.”

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