Pick of the day: Colin From Accounts

10pm, BBC Two

Proper old-school romcoms are pretty thin on the ground these days, but that’s not the only reason for recommending this delightful, low-key Australian comedy. First up, there’s the title – which turns out to refer to the name of the dog whose injury in a car accident is the reason that Gordon and Ashley (Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer) first meet. Not that it’s love at first sight for either of them, as brewery owner Gordon is forced to put up homeless medical student Ashley in his bachelor pad. And finally, there’s the terrific chemistry between Brammall and Dyer, who also wrote the show and are a real-life married couple.

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr

8pm, BBC One

In the quarter-final, the designers are split into teams to make over two wooden lodges used as wedding accommodation on the banks of Rutland Water in the East Midlands. They have two days to complete the work, with one team tackling the bridal lodge and the other the groom’s room. With guest judge and hospitality design expert Shayne Brady.

Inside the Factory

8pm, BBC Two

Ever wondered what really goes into pork pies? Here’s your chance as Gregg Wallace visits the Vale of Mowbray pie factory in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, where the traditional pastries have
been made since 1928. He finds out which cuts of pork are used. Meanwhile, Cherry Healey reveals hacks for vegan shortcrust pastry.

Naked Education

8pm, Channel 4

The “body positive” series now delves into the subject of male anatomy and body image, asking teenagers to share their thoughts and expectations. Meanwhile, nine-year-old Luke meets fellow quad amputee Alex for an inspiring exchange, and Anna Richardson brings together an all-female line-up to help boost one lad’s self-esteem and body confidence.

Rain Dogs,Generic Portraits,Costello Jones (DAISY MAY COOPER),HBO, James Pardon
Daisy May Cooper as Costello Jones in Rain Dogs (Photo: BBC/Sid Gentle Films/HBO/James Pardon)

Springtime on the Farm

8pm, Channel 5

Adam Henson, Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson return with another series celebrating farmers during their busiest season, featuring everything from royal visits and “famous faces helping out on the farm to an exciting new mission to help the nation give back to farmers after the Covid-19 pandemic”.

Beyond the Yorkshire Farm: Reuben and Clive

9pm, Channel 5

It’s largely about agriculture on Channel 5 this evening, as there’s another task for Clive and Reuben Owen. The father and son assist neighbour Niall after he decides to build a home using clay harvested from his land. Mining for clay is new to the Owens, so Niall gives the team a lesson in traditional wattle and daub construction on a wall of his hand-built compost toilet.

Rain Dogs

10.40pm, BBC One

After Am I Being Unreasonable? and now Cash Carraway’s bleakly funny fictionalisation of her memoir Skint Estate, Daisy May Cooper is fast cornering the market in resilient single mothers. The This Country star is in terrific form as Costello Jones. Her dreams of becoming an author are encouraged this week when a journalist gatecrashes Costello’s peep-show act and asks her to write an insider’s account of sex work.

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