The Government announced last year that every household in Britain would get £400 to help with their energy bills, but over £130 million of the support has not been claimed.

Most households were issued the discount automatically, but those on prepayment meters were paid the support in vouchers and millions have remained unclaimed as the deadline approaches.

Around 83 per cent of vouchers have already been used with just a month left on the scheme, and the Government is running a ‘Claim Your Energy Voucher Day’ advertising campaign to help the remaining 17 per cent be claimed.

Adam Scorer, chief executive, National Energy Action (NEA) said the scheme has been “crucial” in helping many people throughout last winter.

“But prepayment customers – often some of the most vulnerable – were paid in vouchers and millions remains unclaimed. Some customers didn’t receive them, others struggled to redeem them,” he continued.

“We urge anyone who hasn’t yet claimed their vouchers to do so before the 30 June deadline and if you have friends and family that may not have used their vouchers, spread the word.

“It may be the support that keeps their lights on, their oven cooking, their hot showers running, through the summer. It’s vital money at a time when it’s never been needed more.”

How do you claim energy support vouchers?

The vouchers have been sent by electricity suppliers to prepayment meter users to provide the Energy Bills Support Scheme.

These will have been sent by via text, email or post, or applied as an automatic credit when you top up at your usual top-up point. Your energy supplied should have advised in advance what form the discount would take.

There are six vouchers, each worth £66 or £67 and providing total support of £400, all of which expire at the end of June.

To redeem the voucher, energy users must visit a post office or PayPoint with their Energy Bills Support vouchers and identification before the deadline.

What if I have lost or haven’t received my energy support vouchers?

Customers are urged to contact their energy supplier as soon as possible over the next few weeks if they have any issues with their vouchers or have not received them.

Any lost vouchers can be reissued by your energy supplier, but these also must be redeemed by the deadline next month.

When do energy support vouchers expire?

All vouchers issued under the Energy Support Scheme must be used by 30 June, and are invalid after this date.

If you have lost your vouchers, any vouchers which are reissued must also be used by this deadline.

Who is eligible for energy support vouchers?

All households with a domestic electricity connection in England, Scotland and Wales were eligible for the discount.

The discount was applied to household electricity bill for six months starting in October 2022, consisting of £66 payments in October and November and £67 payments in December, January, February and March.

Those who pay their bills by Direct Debit, credit or debit card, or via a smart payment meter should have had their discount applied automatically.

Households using prepayment meters who use alternative fuels such as LPG, heating oil or biomass as the main way they heat their homes also have until 30 June to use their vouchers, which are worth up to £200 in energy bills support.

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