The third series of Ted Lasso is already being praised, but many will be asking if there is likely to be a fourth.

The show has won Emmys, Golden Globes, Screen Actor’s Guild Awards and Critics Choice awards, and it was the most nominated first-season comedy in Emmy Award history.

And, of course, star Hannah Waddingham has become a national icon after hosting the Eurovision Song Contest.

Now fans will be excited to know if there is more to come for AFC Richmond, and its unlikely coach.

Will there be a fourth season?

The third season has been a big hit, and the how is one of Apple TV+’s most successful, but will there be a fourth?

As of May 2023, there has been no official announcement about any renewal, so we don’t know for sure if there will be a fourth season.

But, the show’s Twitter sseemed to confirm it was the last season, saying: “A few years ago I hopped on a plane with Coach Beard headin’ to a little town in London. Tonight we play our final match.  It’s like what I say about the films of David Lynch. I can’t tell you what’s happenin’, but I sure as heck don’t want it to end.”

Speaking to Deadline, Jason Sudeikis also said: “This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell.”

What is happening in series three of Ted Lasso?

Ted Lasso follows a small-time college football coach from Kansas hired to train a professional football team in England, despite having no experience in the sport.

Apple TV+ say of the third series (SPOILERS): “In the 12-episode third season of “Ted Lasso,” the newly-promoted AFC Richmond faces ridicule as media predictions widely peg them as last in the Premier League and Nate (Nick Mohammed), now hailed as the “wonder kid,” has gone to work for Rupert (Anthony Head) at West Ham United.

“In the wake of Nate’s contentious departure from Richmond, Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) steps up as assistant coach, alongside Beard (Brendan Hunt). Meanwhile, while Ted (Jason Sudeikis) deals with pressures at work, he continues to wrestle with his own personal issues back home, Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) is focused on defeating Rupert and Keeley (Juno Temple) navigates being the boss of her own PR agency.

“Things seem to be falling apart both on and off the pitch, but Team Lasso is set to give it their best shot anyway.”

How can I watch in the UK?

Ted Lasso is available to those who have Apple TV+ in the UK, and it is exclusive to this streaming service. In the UK, Apple TV+ costs £4.99 a month, but there is a free 7 day trial.

You can already watch the first and second seasons, which are on are on the service already.

Who stars in Ted Lasso series 3?

Jason Sudeikis plays the title character, and is also an executive producer. For his role he has won five Emmys, four Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, two Critic’s Choice awards, and two Golden Globes.

Also starring are:

  • Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca Welton
  • Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard
  • Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent
  • Juno Temple as Keeley Jones
  • Jeremy Swift as Leslie Higgins
  • Nick Mohammed as Nathan Shelley
  • Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt
  • Toheeb Jimoh as Sam Obisanya
  • Cristo Fernández as Dani Rojas
  • Kola Bokinni as Isaac McAdoo
  • Billy Harris as Colin Hughes
  • James Lance as Trent Crimm
  • Anthony Head as Rupert Mansion
  • Sarah Niles as Dr Sharon Fieldstone
  • Stephen Manas as Richard Montlaur
  • Moe Jeudy-Lamour as Thierry Zoreaux
  • David Elsendoorn as Jan Maas
  • Mohammed Hashim as Moe Bumbercatch
  • Charlie Hiscock as Will Kitman
  • Andrea Anders as Michelle Lasso
  • Annette Badland as Mae
  • Adam Colborne, Bronson Webb and Kevin Garry as Baz, Jeremy and Paul
  • Ellie Taylor as Flo ‘Sassy’ Collins
  • Keeley Hazel as Bex
  • Phoebe Walsh as Jane Payne
  • Elodie Blomfield as Phoebe
  • Bill Fellows as George Cartrick
  • Dame Harriet Walter as Deborah Welton
  • Jodi Balfour as Jack
  • Katy Wix as Barbara

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