The Red Arrows will kick off a summer of spectacular displays today as they put on a show at the Midlands Air Festival in Alcester.

It will be their first full display of 2023 – though they did of course make an appearance at King Charles III’s coronation last month, streaking their famous red, white and blue smoke trails across the sky over Buckingham Palace as the Royal Family waved from the balcony.

The Midlands Air Festival is a three-day aviation event that will also feature displays from iconic RAF planes such as the Spitfire, Lancaster and Typhoon. In the evenings hundreds of weird and wonderful hot air balloons – from Thomas the Tank Engine to Bertie Bassett – ascend to the skies, and there are nightly fireworks displays. You can find out more about the event here.

But the Red Arrows – as they tend to be wherever they travel – will be the highlight of the show.

What is the Red Arrows’ route today?

The Red Arrows will first transit from their base at RAF Waddington to RAF Fairford, and will perform flypasts at RAF Cranwell and Kendrew Barracks en route.

They will take the following route:

  • 530958N 0003126W RAF WADDINGTON – 9.45am
  • 531234N 0004204W SW OF HARBY – 9.47am
  • 531845N 0004007W STURTON BY STOW – 9.48am
  • 531547N 0002020W APLEY – 9.50am
  • 530811N 0002013W NW OF MARTIN – 9.51am
  • 524347N 0001240W N OF DEEPING ST NICHOLAS – 9.55am
  • 524147N 0002532W E OF ESSENDINE – 9.56am
  • 524645N 0002738W W OF EDENHAM – 9.57am
  • 525217N 0002838W HANBY – 9.58am
  • 525715N 0002939W W OF CULVERTHORPE – 9.59am
  • 530212N 0003037W FLYPAST RAF CRANWELL – 10.00am
  • 530547N 0003635W NE OF BRANT BROUGHTON – 10.02am
  • 525002N 0005050W NW OF GOADBY MARWOOD – 10.04am
  • 524724N 0004634W NW OF GARTGORPE – 10.05am
  • 524412N 0003916W FLYPAST KENDREW BARRACKS – 10.06am
  • 522903N 0004425W W OF CORBY – 10.09am
  • 520835N 0010011W NW OF TOWCESTER – 10.13am
  • 520442N 0011156W GREATWORTH – 10.14am
  • 515452N 0014527W SW OF STOW ON THE WOLD – 10.18am
  • 514101N 0014724W RAF FAIRFORD – 10.20am

They will then perform a flypast at the Severn Railway on the way to the Midlands Air Festival, where they will perform at 5.30pm. Here’s the route they will take:

  • 514101N 0014724W RAF FAIRFORD – 5.12pm
  • 514753N 0014740W NW OF ALDSWORTH – 5.14pm
  • 520531N 0021329W W OF SEVERN STOKE – 5.18pm
  • 520553N 0023738W W OF WESTHIDE – 5.20pm
  • 522552N 0023755W NW OF CLEEDOWNTON – 5.24pm
  • 522628N 0023125W W OF SCOTTESDON – 5.25pm
  • 522634N 0022214W FLYPAST SEVERN RAILWAY – 5.26pm
  • 522028N 0015454W N OF REDDITCH – 5.28pm
  • 521736N 0015406W VCY OF REDDITCH – 5.29pm
  • 521139N 0015356W DISPLAY MIDLANDS AIR FESTIVAL – 5.30pm
  • 520543N 0015344W N OF BADSEY – 5.57pm
  • 514101N 0014724W RAF FAIRFORD – 6.00pm

What are the Red Arrows?

The Red Arrows are the aerobatic display team of the RAF – officially known as the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team.

Formed in 1964, their flypasts have become must-see events, and the displays often grace major national commemorations.

Made up of nine red jets, they entertain crowds with their thrilling manoeuvres and perfect formation flying, often accompanied with red, white and blue smoke trailing behind them.

They were traditionally based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire, but were relocated to RAF Waddington, in the same county, last year.

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