Love, Lizzo

From Sat, iPlayer & Sun 9.45pm, BBC Three

As a pop star, releasing a documentary about yourself is now not only bonus fan content but standard career protocol. If Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran weren’t enough for you already this year, now you can watch US superstar Lizzo’s version, which was released in the US last year. It documents her rise to fame in the late 2010s and explores themes – as Lizzo’s music does – of body positivity and black female empowerment.

Spy in the Ocean

Sun 7pm, BBC One

Photo: BBC/John Downer Productions Ltd
Spy in the Ocean shows nature documentaries keep getting better Photo: BBC/John Downer Productions Ltd

With ever-improving technology, nature documentaries just keep getting better – here, advanced underwater cameras are disguised as sea creatures and go diving to document the lives of the real ones. In the first of this four-part series, a spy octopus is outsmarted by a real octopus, and a spy hermit crab loses its shell as a real crab stages a house-swap.

Gods of Tennis

Sun 9pm, BBC Two

This new three-part documentary tells the story of the Wimbledon Championships in the 1970s and 1980s from the point of view of those who were closest to the court. Tennis was in its golden era and players became stars in their on-court whites; simultaneously, social revolutions played out, and the documentary delves into how sexual and racial freedoms were found in SW19 at a traditionally conservative institution.

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

Sun 10pm, BBC Two

Nan in the bathroom with roommate, Boston, 1970. (Photo: Nan Goldin. Provided by BBC/Altitude Film Distribution/Nan Goldin)
Nan in the bathroom with roommate, Boston, 1970. (Photo: Nan Goldin. Provided by BBC/Altitude Film Distribution/Nan Goldin)

This Oscar-nominated film tells the story of the artist and activist Nan Goldin in her battle with the Sackler family over the US opioid crisis. Through rare footage, interviews and Goldin’s own groundbreaking photography, the shocking story unfolds as the extent of the Sacklers’ involvement is revealed and Goldin attempts to hold them to account.

The Idol

Mon 2am/9pm, Sky Atlantic

Photo: Sky Atlantic/HBO
Lily-Rose Depp in The Idol Photo: Sky Atlantic/HBO

This new series is a collaboration between the director of the intense teen drama Euphoria, Sam Levinson, R&B superstar Abel Tesfaye (also known as The Weeknd) and newcomer Reza Fahim. It follows a post-breakdown pop singer who begins a relationship with a cult leader. Tesfaye stars with Lily-Rose Depp, and the show is already mired in controversy for its sexually explicit content and portrayal of young women.

Love Island

Mon 9pm, ITV2

Yes, it’s that time of year again, as Love Island returns for its 10th season, in Mallorca. Though we may be past the show’s peak – Covid killed momentum, and the previous year spawned its greatest success story to date, the influencer Molly-Mae Hague – it is still sure to cause a stir among diehard fans and on Twitter, where commentary is as much of an event as the show itself.

Vicky McClure: My Grandad’s War

Mon 9pm, ITV1

Photo: Barry Hayden/ ITV/North One
Vicky McClure and granddad Ralph Photo: Barry Hayden/ ITV/North One

In this one-off ITV documentary the actress Vicky McClure – known and loved for her role as DI Kate Fleming in Line of Duty – delves into the pasts of both her own family and the nation. She joins forces with her grandfather Ralph, who fought in the Royal Navy during the Second World War (and more specifically, the Normandy landings), and uses his stories and connections to piece together the human impact of the event. Ralph is united with surviving friends, and McClure sees him in a new light.

For Her Sins

Mon 9pm, Channel 5

In this dark Channel 5 drama, Laura (Jo Joyner), a young woman who seemingly has it all feels increasingly burdened by the pressures of the modern world. It seems a new friend, Emily (Rachel Shenton) might help her feel more free – but it soon becomes clear that something sinister is afoot. What are often small-scale personal plots are blown up to Hollywood-thriller proportions, creating an immersive and sometimes terrifying journey through the fragility of the human psyche.

Davina McCall’s Pill Revolution

Thurs 9pm, Channel 4

The former Big Brother presenter tackles sex education in this mind-opening documentary about the contraceptive pill more than six decades after its invention. Although the pill liberated women, it
can also have mental health side effects that are only just starting to be explored publicly: McCall hopes to further that here. She has a Mirena coil fitted on camera to raise awareness of the procedure, tapping into her own experiences with the pill, which she took from a young age and suggests may have contributed, due to its emotional side effects, to her struggles with drugs as a teenager and in her 20s.

Man Like Mobeen

Thurs 10pm, BBC Three

Photo: BBC/Tiger Aspect/Paul Husband
Guz Khan’s acclaimed sitcom returns (Photo: BBC/Tiger Aspect/Paul Husband)

Guz Khan’s acclaimed sitcom returns for a fourth series and this time, Mobeen (Khan) and Nate (Tolu Ogunmefun) find themselves in prison. Previous series followed Mobeen’s attempts to clean up his act and live a quiet life, although his incarceration may throw a spanner in the works. Expect more candid comedy and themes of faith, class and sexuality as the much-loved characters navigate their time inside.

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