With Pride month kicking off on 1 June, preparations are under way for the event it will culminate in: the iconic London Pride Parade.

About 30,000 people have registered to attend the parade, a magnificent celebration of LGBT+ communities in London and beyond, and which has been running in the city since 1972.

We take a look at when the parade is, at what time it starts and how to view it.

When is the parade?

The London Pride Parade, which aims to bring members of the community together and under the spotlight while allowing supporters to cheer them on, will take place on 1 July.

The march, attended by 600 LGBT+ community groups, will start from Hyde Park corner at midday and terminate at Whitehall Place at 6pm.

What route will it take?

The parade will start at Hyde Park Corner and make its way through Piccadilly Circus, down Haymarket and along Pall Mall to Trafalgar Square before reaching its final stop, Whitehall Place.

Below is a map of the route this year, which is the same as the one in 2022.

How can I take part?

Those wanting to take part in the parade can do so by joining along the route or at the four stages being set up for various performances, entertainers and speakers. A line-up of artists for each stage is yet to be announced.

The stages are: Golden Square, Trafalgar Square, Women’s stage in Leicester Square and Cabaret Stage on Dean Street, Soho.

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